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DIY Halloween Costume Thrift Flip: Little Red Carpet Riding Hood

Halloween and thrifted transformations go hand in hand for me. Finding a gem like the wine-red dress below for just $4 at Goodwill SoCal was certainly the highlight of my spooky season, and I couldn't wait to take it home and work some DIY magic. Here's how I upcycled this amazing thrifted find into my Little Red Carpet Riding Hood costume with some simple sewing & accessories I had on hand!


Thrifted dress

Jacket with hood (for pattern tracing)



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Step 1: Cut the front

First, I cut the front of the dress to create a high-low effect. (For the sake of time, I ended up tucking the front into the bottom of bike shorts I wore underneath, but I plan to go back and properly hem the cut edges!)

Step 2: Create the hood

I took the piece of material I cut from the front of the dress and folded it in half. Then I folded the hood of a jacket I already had in half and placed it on top to trace (with about 1/2-inch seam allowance). I cut two pieces of ribbon to tie in the front at the neck and sewed the hood together.

Step 3: Prep the accessories

I grabbed a basket I had on hand, rolled and stuffed a t-shirt into it (lol), then added faux roses around the edge.

That's it! This is one of my all-time favorite DIY costumes, and it was even featured on abc7 news. Sustainable, budget-friendly and ready for the red carpet!

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