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DIY Thrift Store Halloween Costumes - Mary Poppins

Halloween festivities may look very different this year, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up! I've always loved creating my own costumes, and this year, I was inspired by a Disney classic and one of my favorite movies. Here's a magical look at my two DIY and thrifted Mary Poppins Halloween costumes that were extremely easy to style and super budget-friendly.

Styling Look #1

For the first Poppins look, I tapped into the infamously magical Spoonful of Sugar scene. In addition to the outfit, I couldn't resist recreating the musical feature (with a bit of a comedic spin) song, courtesy of very talented artist and producer and creator, Money Jezus.

I used a long sleeve, white button down shirt and dark blue maxi skirt that I already had in my closet and they worked perfectly.

As a final touch, I DIYed a red bowtie out of some leftover t-shirt scraps from this project. I simply cut and folded the pieces then hot glued them in place and attached a band of skinny elastic to go around my neck. All in all, this look cost me $0!

Styling Look #2

The second look truly captured the essence of what's probably the most widely know image of Mary Poppins gracefully floating in the sky with her umbrella, but with a modern twist (i.e. showing some leg).

I headed to my local Goodwill and found some gems that were perfect for this look (and on sale)!

  • Scarf - $4.99

  • Blazer - $5.74

  • Gloves - $3

  • Hat - $2.99

  • White shirt - already owned

  • Black skirt - already owned

  • Black boots - already owned

Thanks so much for checking out my take on these classic Mary Poppins looks. Stay tuned for more!

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