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DIY Life-Size Dollar Tree Barbie Box & Halloween Costume

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

One Disney movie that I think is definitely underrated is Life-Size starring Tyra Banks & Lindsay Lohan (can't believe it came out over 20 years ago!). I decided to use the movie as inspiration for one of my DIY Halloween looks this year. Here's how I made the Life-Size Barbie box using Dollar Tree poster boards, and how I upcycled the costume from a thrifted $4 dress!


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How to Make the Life Size Barbie Doll Box

I made a trip to the Dollar Tree and picked up poster boards to create the life-size box (I used 19 boards). Note that I double-layered the boards to make the box extra sturdy. Here's a breakdown:

  • 3/12 horizontal for the back (7)

  • 2 1/2 vertical on each side (5 each side)

  • 1 across the top (2)

Step 1: Measure and cut the poster boards

I cut a few boards down to make sure the box would be the correct height—just a few inches taller than me (wearing heels).

Step 2: Glue the poster boards

I hot glued the boards together to create the box shape without the bottom so my heels wouldn't pierce the board.

Step 3: Paint the box

Once the box was fully constructed, I took it out to my balcony and spray painted it gold to match the movie poster. Regular paint would have also been a great option.

Miaira Jennings how to make a DIY life size Barbie doll box with dollar tree poster boards

The box was the perfect size and didn't take much time or money to create!

Miaira Jennings how to make a DIY life size cardboard Barbie doll box

Making the Dress

Step 1: Thrift the pieces

I'm rarely disappointed after a trip to the thrift store to be honest. This time I found the perfect dress for the occasion! This pink number was an absolute gem of a find for only $4 (I still can't believe it!).

For the accent on the side of Tyra's dress, I also picked up this floral top for a few bucks.

Step 2: Make Alterations

When I got home, I ended up loving the dress's fit so much that I didn't want to make any permanent changes. To achieve the strapless effect, I just tucked the straps and top into a strapless bra for a temporary style change.

Step 3: Add the accent

I lightly hand stitched the floral top onto the side of the dress at the hip. After a good steam, it was ready to wear!

Putting the Doll's Matching Look Together

Step 1: Create the Dress

I used some scrap fabric, a piece from the floral top and hot glue to recreate a miniature version of the dress for a Barbie doll, then added the accessories.

Step 2: Create the mini doll box

I used leftover pieces of poster and hot glued them together to create a mini version of the box, then spray painted it gold to match the bigger box.

All done!

In just a few steps and on a budget, I was able to closely recreate this classic Disney look and I'm so thrilled about how it turned out! Thanks so much for checking out this project and be sure to follow my Instagram and TikTok for more DIY inspo. Happy Halloween!

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