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Upcycling $3 Thrifted Tablecloths Into a Red Carpet Dress for the 'Babylon' Movie Premiere Party

I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation from YouTube to attend the "Young Hollywood" premiere party for the new Paramount movie Babylon starring Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt (fancy, I know!). Naturally, I was excited to come up with a dress that would be sustainable, budget-friendly and perfect for the occasion. Here's how I transformed a $6 thrifted dress and $3 thrifted tablecloths into a Hollywood red carpet dream dress.

I thrifted both the original "before" dress and the sheer tablecloths from one of my go-to spots, Savers. I still can't believe how well they complemented one another!

Here's the original upcycling process for the $6 dress:

Business inquiries:

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