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DIY Painted Denim Jacket (Bob Ross Inspired)

I grew up watching Bob Ross painting tutorials, so I've been really excited about the recent "I tried a Bob Ross painting tutorial" video trend. I've seen some pretty creative projects, but I hadn't come across a Bob Ross painting done on a denim jacket, so I decided to give it a shot and was SO proud of the outcome. Read on to see how I did it, what materials I used, etc., and soon you'll have your own trendy DIY painted denim jacket, too!


What you'll need:

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Step 1: Set Up Work Station

Start by setting up your work area. Place your device with your chosen Bob Ross painting tutorial on a surface that will be easy to look at (I chose this tutorial by Bob's son, Steve!). Clip your denim jacket to your easel, and place large pieces of cardboard behind the main area of the jacket that you plan on painting. Now you're ready to begin!

Step 2: Paint Sky & Water

I'll leave the exact painting instructions to the pros, Bob and Steve Ross. However, I'll give you an overview of the elements included to create this beautiful, scenic image! First, start with light strokes of blue to create the look of a sky and body of water to serve as the foundation of your scene.

Step 3: Add Mountain & Hills

The next pieces you'll add are the mountain and hills. The mountain really serves as one of the key elements of the painting and really draws your eye!

Step 4: Add Waterfall

The finishing touch on this jacket (and my favorite part) is the waterfall. Surprisingly, the water was extremely simple to create and really completes the entire scene.

All done!

With a little patience, a few simple materials and the soothing guidance of Bob and Steve Ross, you'll now have a stylish and impressive painted jacket that you can rock with a smile, knowing that you did it yourself!

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