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DIY Off the Shoulder Crop Top Sweatshirt (No Sewing)

There are so many ways to refashion a basic crew neck sweatshirt, and this is by far one of my favorite! Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to make an off the shoulder crop top sweatshirt with no sewing machine.

Version 2

Step 1: Gather Materials

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.03.54 PM

What you’ll need:

  1. Crewneck sweatshirt

  2. Ruler

  3. Fabric scissors

  4. Pencil or colored pencil

  5. Fabric glue

  6. Elastic

  7. Needle & thread

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Step 2: Try On & Mark

First, put the sweatshirt on and use your pencil to mark where you want the bottom of the crop top to be when it’s done. I chose to mark right above the belly button.

You don’t have to mark the top of the sweatshirt because you’ll just be cutting right under the collar.

Step 3: Cut Top

Take the sweatshirt off and use your ruler to draw a straight horizontal line across the top of the sweatshirt, directly under the collar. Then cut along the line.

Step 4: Cut Bottom

Place your elastic directly under the spot that you previously marked at the bottom of the sweatshirt. Then use your pencil to mark another spot right under the elastic. Next, use your ruler to draw a horizontal line across the bottom of the sweatshirt at the lowest mark you just made and cut it.

Step 5: Cut & Glue Top

Flip the sweatshirt inside out. Place elastic along the top edge of the sweatshirt and cut a slit at each shoulder of the sweatshirt that is slightly longer than the width of that elastic, as you will be folding this material over later on when it’s time to glue. These slits will make it easier to fold later and will also be used to insert the elastic.

Squeeze a good amount of fabric glue (but not too much) along the entire top edge of the sweatshirt. Then, fold the top edge over and glue it down, making sure that the space in between is wide enough for the elastic.

Step 6: Cut & Glue Bottom

Repeat this process at the bottom of the sweatshirt, placing the elastic along the bottom edge and cutting slits at either side of the sweatshirt that are slightly longer than the elastic’s width.

Glue along the edge, fold it over and press it down, leaving space for the elastic later on.

Step 7: Measure Elastic

While the sweatshirt dries, take your elastic and measure it by wrapping it around your shoulders and waist. Cut pieces as needed.

Step 8: Insert Top Elastic

When the glue has dried, secure a safety pin (in this case I used a paperclip because I couldn’t find a safety pin) at the end of the elastic you cut for the shoulders and insert it into one of the slits at the top of the sweatshirt. Then use the safety pin (or paperclip) to work the elastic all the way around the top.

Step 9: Sew Top Elastic Ends

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.31.17 PM

Once the elastic is all the way around, use your needle and thread to secure the ends together.

Step 10: Insert Bottom Elastic

Repeat this process at the bottom of the sweatshirt, inserting the elastic and working it all the way around, then hand sewing the ends together. Flip the sweatshirt back to its right side and you’re ready to go!

All done!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.57.38 PM

You now have an off the shoulder crop top sweatshirt that’s cute, comfortable and can go with sweatpants, jeans, shorts and more. Let me know if you try this tutorial out! 🙂

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