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$10 Chloe Bailey-Inspired Thrift Flip

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Celebrity thrift flips have easily become some of my favorite design and sewing challenges. When I saw Chloe Bailey's Monsoori gown on the American Music Awards red carpet, I knew I had to take a swing at recreating it (on a budget, of course!).

The cut outs, slit and one-shoulder detail seemed tricky but doable, and with a few tweaks to a $10 thrifted dress, I was able to achieve a similar look. The fabric and length are pretty different, but overall, I'm really proud of the final dress.

Here's a short video recapping the process:

Check out this sweet write-up featured on Legit and be sure to connect with me for more thrift flips, fashion transformations and more.

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