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How to Sew a DIY Blanket Jacket (No Pattern Needed!)

Thrift stores are gold mines for budget-friendly and sustainable materials like fabric, curtains, blankets, clothes of course, and other materials you can transform into fashion like what I’m using today. Here's how to sew a thrifted blanket into a one of my new favorite jackets without using a pattern!

How to Sew a Jacket Out of a Blanket

Materials Needed

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holding a thrifted blanket to make an upcycled jacket

Step 1: Fold and cut

Fold the blanket in half and cut along the bottom. If your blanket has words, you may have to move the pieces around the figure out the placement that you want for the final jacket.

cutting a blanket to make a jacket

Step 2: Cut the body portion

Place your guide jacket on top of the folded blanket. Fold the sleeves in and out of the way and cut around, about an inch bigger for seam allowance.

cutting a blanket into the shape of a jacket

Cut down the center of the front layer of fabric and that’s where the zipper will go.

making a jacket and cutting a slit for the zipper

Step 3: Cut the sleeves

Fold the remaining pieces of fabric in half so there are two layers to each, and then use the sleeve from the guide jacket to cut the right shape and size (again, about an inch bigger for seam allowance). Make sure the seams are at the bottom of each sleeve, so the folded edge of the fabric should be at the top.

folding fabric to make sleeves

cutting blanket fabric to make sleeves

sleeve cut outs

Step 4: Cut the collar

Cut a piece of fabric along an already finished edge that’s about 3-4 inches tall and the same length as the neck from one side at the front where the zipper will be around to the other side. The length from the bottom of the jacket to the top of the collar should be the same as the length of your zipper.

cutting blanket fabric to make a jacket collar

adding the collar to a blanket jacket

Step 5: Clip the pieces

Clip pieces right sides together.

clipping cut out pieces of a blanket jacket

Step 6: Sew and attach pieces

Sew along all clipped seams. To attach the sleeves, slip it into place from the inside of the body piece, right sides together. The sleeve should be right side out and the body part should be inside out. Clip it in place and sew them together.

attaching a sleeve to sew onto a jacket

sewing a blanket jacket

Step 7: Add hem lining

Finish off the hemline on the bottom of the body and sleeves. I'm using brown lining from the original blanket, but you can also just fold and hem the bottom, use binding tape or even an elastic finish. Clip and sew.

adding hemline lining to a blanket jacket

Step 8: Add the zipper

Now it’s time for the final step—adding the zipper! Clip each side of the zipper to each side the opening, right sides together and sew to attach.

adding a zipper to a jacket before sewing

That's it! You now have a cute and cozy jacket that you can proudly say was sustainably made. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tutorials and let me know if you try this one out!

diy upcycled blanket jacket

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