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How to Make a Stunning DIY Flower Gown Out of $10 Shapewear

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

With springtime quickly approaching (and Valentine's day just around the corner when I made this), I definitely had flowers on the brain. Here's how I transformed basic $10 shapewear into a stunning floral gown that would be perfect for a prom, wedding, red carpet, or any other formal event to show off a handmade creation. Connect with me on Instagram for behind the scenes stories, outfit styling and more!

Gather Materials

What you'll need:

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Step 1: Create Skirt Attachment

Wrap the folded sheer fabric around your waist, meeting at the front of one hip. Then attach your fastener at that spot to keep the fabric in place.

Cut a layer of tulle and add it on top of the sheer layers for more dimension. You'll add the flowers on top of the sheer and underneath the tulle later on.

Step 2: Make Straps Off-the-Shoulder

Fold and clip the straps down so they are off-the-shoulder. Then sew along the folds in both the front and the back to keep them in place.

Step 3: Add Flowers

Lay your dress out in a spacious area and move the top tulle layer out of the way. Place something like a magazine, piece of cardboard or plastic under the sheer fabric to prevent sticking those layers together. Hot glue the flowers and vines onto the sheer fabric wherever you see fit!

All done!

Place the top tulle layer down over the flowers and your dress is complete! This is such a whimsical and classy look that will surely turn heads at any event. Thanks for checking out this tutorial and be sure to follow my Instagram for more inspo!

Miaira Jennings - how to make a diy flower gown from basic $10 shapewear

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