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Firmoo Glasses – Fashionable Frames On A Budget

If you’re #team4eyes like I am, you understand the struggle of finding glasses that not only look good, but are also not ridiculously priced. I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since middle school and this quest has never gotten easier. Then one magical day, reached out to me and changed the glasses game forever.

If you’re unfamiliar, is an online glasses retailer that has tons of some of the trendiest glasses styles I’ve seen for $39. OR. LESS. Plus, first-time customers can buy one pair and get one free! It seriously doesn’t get much better than that. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first because many low priced glasses can be flimsy, poorly made and honestly just not that cute. Am I right? However, I was pleasantly surprised when my Firmoo pair arrived.

The style I chose (#S3500 in black, brown) really complement my face and are very well made. The gold detailing adds a very chic look and the black/brown ombré is gorgeous. I think they look even better in person than they did in the photo! The glasses also arrived packaged in a sturdy slide-out case along with a travel carrying case, cleaning cloth and small tool kit. Talk about clutch.

Firmoo’s website includes a number of helpful features that make the process of choosing the right pairs easy. First, they provide a chart that suggests the best frame styles based on your face shape. Whether you have a round face, oval, square, heart or triangle, Firmoo has a variety of looks to best suit you.

In addition, the site provides a guide that takes you through the process of measuring your pupillary distance, which is important when making sure your lenses fit properly for vision acuity.

Finally, my favorite feature on the website is the digital try-on. This allows you to upload a picture of your own face and virtually try on each pair of glasses to get an idea of what they’ll look like on you! Usually when you’re ordering something online, you have no idea how something will look until it arrives, so this feature takes the guesswork out of choosing that perfect pair of glasses.

Overall, I would without hesitation recommend Firmoo to anyone looking to buy some trendy, well-made glasses without burning a hole through your wallet (my brother has already ordered 2 back-to-school pairs and he’s loving them)! Shipping was pretty quick, customer service was friendly and responsive, the website’s features make the process of choosing glasses enjoyable, and you just can’t turn down affordable style like this. Thanks for checking out this post and feel free to comment with any questions!

Check out the glasses + buy 1 get 1 free:

Check out my complete video review:

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