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DIY Talking Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater (Insert Smartphone!)

It’s that time of year again and ugly Christmas sweater parties are in full effect! If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your own, here’s an awesome idea that only requires a few items from the dollar store and your smartphone! Follow along to learn how to make a DIY talking Santa ugly Christmas sweater (yes, he talks!)


Step 1: Gather Materials


What you’ll need:

  1. Sweater (I got mine for about $10 from Ross)

  2. Hot glue gun

  3. Fabric scissors

Dollar Tree items:

  1. Santa hat

  2. Skin tone shoe liners

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Santa ornaments

  5. Armband phone case

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Step 2: Prep Sweater


Lay the sweater out and insert a piece of cardboard or a magazine to prevent the layers from sticking together when it’s time to glue.

Step 3: Glue Shoe Liners


Position your hat first so you can get an idea of where to assemble the face. Then glue the shoe liners down to create the skin for the face.

Step 4: Add Sunglasses


Snap the sunglasses at the hinges and glue the rims down on top of the shoe liners.

Step 5: Trim Hat


Trim the Santa hat so it lines up with the face. Then fold the top of the hat down to the side and glue it to the sweater.

Step 6: Add Phone Case for Mouth


Cut the armband portions off of the phone case. Then glue it down horizontally under the shoe liner face. This is where the mouth will go!

Step 7: Insert Smartphone


This is where things get fun! Record a video of your mouth or a friend’s mouth singing your favorite Christmas song or saying a cheerful phrase. Then insert your smartphone into the phone case.

Step 8: Add Beard


Remove the beard from the little Santa ornaments and glue them all around the phone case to create Santa’s beard, mustache and sideburns. Be careful when gluing around the area near the phone case’s opening—you want to still be able to slip your phone in and out!

All done!


That’s it! You now have an awesome sweater that will sing or talk to your loved ones. How cool is that?! And it didn’t cost much at all. You’ll surely be the talk of the party with your talking sweater. Thanks for checking out this tutorial!

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Oops, You Did It Again Miaira! You have the best ideas and techniques to bring them to fruition! Kudos! You da best!!!!

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