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DIY Sheer Puff Sleeves Sweetheart Top (Easy Sewing!)

There are countless ways to transform a basic long sleeve shirt, and I've had so much fun discovering new looks. I've always thought sheer sleeves were so classy, so here's an easy way to add them to a plain shirt for a major style upgrade.

Gather Materials:

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Step 1: Cut Top

Cut a straight horizontal line across the top of the shirt to create a tube top shape as the base.

Step 2: Cut & Sew Sleeves

Fold the sheer fabric over about 10 inches and cut vertically, depending on how wide you want your sleeves to be. The length will also depend on how long your arms are. Always go a bit longer than you think, just in case! Repeat for the second sleeve.

Fold the top edges over about half an inch and clip in place. This is the casing where the shoulder elastic will be inserted later on. Repeat with the bottom edges for the wrist elastic casing, then clip the side edges.

Sew along the clipped edges.

Step 3: Add Elastic

Cut two elastic strips that will comfortably fit around your shoulders. These will be inserted into the top of each sleeve. Then cut two more that will be the wrist bands.

Add a safety pin or paperclip to the end of the elastic strips and slip them through the openings. Then tie knots to secure them in place.

Step 4: Attach Sleeves

Use a needle and thread to attach the sleeves to the armpit areas of the top. Make sure the sides with the seams are at the bottom.

Step 5: Ruche for Sweetheart Effect

Run the needle and thread through about two inches of the center of the top, scrunching the material together in the area as you stitch. This will create that sweetheart top shape!

All done!

You've now turned a plain tee into a trendy piece that will add some spice to any outfit. Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more projects.

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