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DIY Lace-Up Off the Shoulder Top (No Sewing)

Here’s a DIY way to transform a basic v-neck shirt or sweater into a cute, lace-up, off the shoulder top with no sewing! I am loving the way this top turned out and I hope you do, too. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.46.35 AM

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you’ll need:

  1. Fabric scissors

  2. Pencil

  3. Large eyelets

  4. Large eyelet toolkit

  5. Hammer

  6. String/ribbon

  7. Fabric glue

  8. Stitch witchery

  9. Iron

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Step 2: Cut Line Down Front

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.38.20 AM

Cut a line directly down the center of the top layer of the front of the shirt/sweater. You will now have 2 flaps on the front.

Step 3: Smooth Edges with Stitch Witchery

Now, it’s time to smooth out the edges that you just cut. Open the front flaps, take a strip of stitch witchery and place it along the inside of the first edge. Then fold the edge of material over the stitch witchery and apply pressure with your iron to bond it all together. Be sure to use the steam occasionally to ensure that the stitch witchery fully melts and bonds. Repeat this on the other flap’s edge.

Step 4: Position Eyelets & Cut Slits

Next, take your large eyelets and line them up along each of the front edges so you can determine how many you want to use and how spaced out you want them to be. Once you’ve decided on positioning, take your pencil and mark a spot in the middle of each eyelet.

Then remove the eyelets and cut a very tiny slit at each spot. You want the slits to be big enough to fit the eyelets through, but not too big because the fabric will pull and split.

Step 5: Attach Eyelets

Once your slits are cut, it’s time to attach the eyelets by following these simple steps:

Move to a hard surface that is conducive for hammering.

Flip the first flap over so that the inside is facing up. This will ensure that the smooth side of the eyelet shows on the outside.

Place the base of the eyelet tool kit underneath the slit.

Slip the half of the eyelet with the smaller hole through the slit from the inside.

Dab a bit of fabric glue around the hole.

Place the other half of the eyelet on top.

Use the hammer and silver top part of the eyelet tool kit to secure the pieces together.

Repeat until all eyelets are attached!

Step 6: Lace It Up

Once the eyelets are in place, it’s time to lace everything up! Starting from the bottom two eyelets, lace your string in x’s through each eyelet all the way up to the top. Once you get to the top, tie a neat bow with the remaining string.

All done!

DIY lace up off the shoulder top no sewing

Now you have a stylish lace-up top that shows some shoulder and is PERFECT for fall fashion. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for checking it out! Please comment and let me know if you decide to try it. 🙂

Full video:

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