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DIY Crop Top Hoodie + Skirt Set

If you have an oversize hoodie or a long hoodie dress that doesn’t fit quite right, this is the perfect DIY project for you. Follow these simple steps to make your own hoodie crop top and matching skirt set in no time!

DIY Hoodie Crop Top Skirt
crop top hoodie skirt matching set before and after

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials - crop top hoodie skirt matching set

What you’ll need:

  1. Oversized hoodie or long hoodie dress

  2. Ruler

  3. Pencil

  4. Fabric scissors

  5. Fabric glue

  6. Elastic

  7. Needle and thread

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Step 2: Trace & Cut

The best way to figure out the right length of the skirt is to place another skirt on top of the hoodie or hoodie dress at the bottom. Place your elastic along the top edge of the skirt and trace a horizontal line right above the elastic. Cut the hoodie along that line and your crop top and skirt are now formed.

Step 3: Fold & Glue

Flip the skirt inside out and place the elastic along the top edge. Cut a slit on one end that is slightly longer than the width of the elastic so when the top material is folded over the elastic, there will be room for the glue.

Place magazines or newspaper in between the layers to prevent the glue from sticking them together. Take the fabric glue and lightly dab glue all the way around along the edge of the fold, making sure to leave space for the width of the elastic. Leave everything to dry for a few hours.

Step 4: Measure Elastic

Wrap the elastic around your waist at the spot where the crop top will fall, then cut the piece. Next, wrap the elastic around your body where the skirt’s waistband will fall and cut that piece.

Step 5: Insert Elastic

Secure a safety pin at the end of your first elastic piece, then work the elastic inside and all the way around the folded opening. Hand stitch the elastic ends together and repeat the process for the skirt’s waistband. Scrunch the fabric evenly around the elastic bands.

All done!

That’s it! You now have a trendy and cute crop top hoodie and skirt matching set. This outfit is perfect to pair with sneakers. Thanks for checking out this tutorial and let me know if you decide to try it out!

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